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True to our Scandinavian roots, Morelund’s designs are purposefully minimalistic and elegant.

We strive to create premium products that matches the quality of the items they hold, without drawing focus from them.

The Valet

A place for your watch

Morelund´s Watchmats are elegantly simple, made with the best materials and created to provide a place for your watch in your home, office or where you want it to be.

Protect what you care about

Morelund’s products helps you avoid uneccerary scratches on your watch. The core consists of a shock absorbing pad, coated with exclusive Aniline leather with a natural and rustic look.

The Tray
The Valet

Elegantly simple

Morelund´s products are designed to elegantly fit your wallet, jewellery, keys, glasses and of course watch. Basicly they store what you need to put down, and not forget to pick up later.